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Verification of Model Reliability in a Double-Grate Biomass Boiler

A double-grate biomass direct-fired boiler is designed and modified with connected reciprocating grate and oscillation grate based on a 48t/h boiler current operation status. Ribbon and smoke are used in the cold experiments which are based on the reformed hot conditions to verify the model reliability. To have well comparison with the model result, the air ratio and inlet angle of the second air are changed and used to obtain the characteristics of the flow field of the actual grate boiler furnace. And it is the best working condition that the ratio of the air distribution primary air: second air: ignition air is 4: 4: 2, frontwall second air: backwall second air is 5: 5, the inlet angle of the frontwall second air rises 10°, the inlet angle of the backwall second air is in equilibrium position.

Edited by
Han Zhao
Y. Zhao, T. C. Wang, N. Wang, Q. L. Chen, Z. H. Ge, Q. Lu, C. Q. Dong, "Verification of Model Reliability in a Double-Grate Biomass Boiler", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 130-134, pp. 406-409, 2012
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October 2011

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