Experimental Study on Preparation and Pb2+ Adsorption Capability of Ferric Salt Modified Sands


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Ferric salt modified sands were prepared with quartz sand as a carrier and ferric salt coating by the two methods of repeat high-temperature process and repeat alkaline deposition process. The specific surface area of two ferric salt modified sands were detected, and their Pb2+ adsorption capability in different conditions were also described in this paper. The results showed that the specific surface area of ferric chloride and ferric nitrate modified sand was 2.468m2/g and 4.247m2/g respectively, which was 6.910 and 12.612 times more than that of raw quartz sand. In the neutral pH condition, the removal efficiency of Pb2+ by raw quartz sands was approximately 37%, in contrast, the removal efficiency reached 85% by ferric nitrate modified sand and over 90% by ferric chloride modified sand, and it was much higher than that of raw quartz sand.



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Han Zhao




C. S. Ding et al., "Experimental Study on Preparation and Pb2+ Adsorption Capability of Ferric Salt Modified Sands", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 130-134, pp. 852-855, 2012

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October 2011




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