Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Wang, Kai Liang Zhang, Fang Wang, Kai Song, Zhi Xiang Hu

Abstract: A sandwich device structure of MIM (metal/insulator/metal) is designed and its metal-insulator transition induced by an external electric...

Authors: Ming Zhu Zhang, Qiang Wang

Abstract: In this paper a PLC control system is designed to control the sorting, transmission and loading/unloading in the manufacturing, in view of...

Authors: Chi Xie, Shuang Chen, Da Quan Lin

Abstract: To measure the elasticity specificity of equivalent bio-materials with human skin's nature, the static-load pressing method for testing the...

Authors: Shao Wu Yin, Li Wang, Li Ge Tong, Fu Ming Yang, Yan Hui Li

Abstract: Ultrafine e grain amorphous silicon nitride (Si3N4) powders were produced via direct nitridation process of silicon powders in transport...

Authors: You Hua Gao, Fei Liu, You Feng Gao

Abstract: The insulation material epoxy resin mean molecular weight to its solidification electrical performance influence is discussed. In view of...

Authors: Shao Feng Yan, Kai Ge Miao

Abstract: The Al2O3 films doped with Ce3 + were deposited on slides by the medium-frequency reaction magnetron...

Authors: Si Bo Yan, Yong Lun Song, Jun Zhang, Li Lai Bai

Abstract: The plate butt welding tests have been carried out to the 2219 high-strength aluminum alloy material by utilizing the self-development...

Authors: Gang Kong Zhi, Jun Xu Liang

Abstract: Usually there is a sliding between the contact surfaces of the connector, while the changes in temperature and humidity environment would...

Authors: Yan Li, Yun Xia Hao, Ming Li, Yi Wang, Xiao Dong Chen, Dao Yin Yu

Abstract: An Improved High-Accuracy CORDIC (COordinate Rotation Digital Computer) algorithm for digital scan conversion is presented in this paper to...


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