A Personalized Collaborative Learning Model Base on ACO Clustering


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At present, the web-based collaborative learning is the main form of long-distance learning and it has been widely used in the distance learning domain. However, the main body-intelligence degree of the existing Web learning system is low; the existing system lacks to the support of the personal study, which has hindered the individual skill of the users. According to the question that exists in the collaborative Learning, I constructed the intelligent agent model of collaborative Learning which is composed of main control program, student proxy, teaching proxy and the information proxy based on the intelligent agent technology which belongs to the domain of Artificial Intelligence and I discussed emphatically how to effectively realize the personal study by using the machine learning and the data mining method. It can cause the web-based cooperative learning developing along the direction of intelligent and personal



Edited by:

Robin G. Qiu and Yongfeng Ju




R. Zeng and Y. Y. Wang, "A Personalized Collaborative Learning Model Base on ACO Clustering", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 135-136, pp. 111-116, 2012

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October 2011




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