Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Ge, Yan Feng Sun, Bao Cai Yin, Heng Liang Tang

Abstract: 3D face sample is an important data platform for model training, algorithm design. Subject to the constraint of data acquisition equipment...

Authors: Fu Lai Yao, He Xu Sun

Abstract: This paper presents a class of optimization functions, and gives the optimal value. The optimal conclusion is applied to energy optimization...

Authors: Shan Lin, Tao Lin, Zhan Wen Liu

Abstract: A bit full adder is a very important component in the digital system. Design of a full-adder circuit, as an example, by changing its output...

Authors: Hai Feng Li, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Maximal frequent itemsets are one of several condensed representations of frequent itemsets, which store most of the information contained...

Authors: Fang Yuan Wu, Feng Kong, Jiang Yun Yao

Abstract: This paper presents an intelligent fault diagnostic approach for a steer-by-wire (SBW) system. A rough set model is utilized to reduce the...

Authors: Kun He, Wen Qi Huang

Abstract: This paper presents a Fit Degree based Two-step Lookahead algorithm (FDTL) for the NP hard container loading problem. Several evaluation...

Authors: Yan Li, Yang Gao

Abstract: Vehicle navigation system (VNS) is a world acknowledged efficient way of solving the urban traffic problem, and road network database is one...

Authors: Han Ning Wang, Wei Xiang Xu, Chao Long Jia

Abstract: The application of high-speed railway data, which is an important component of China's transportation science data sharing, has embodied the...

Authors: Yuan Bin Hou, Yang Meng, Jin Bo Mao

Abstract: According to the requirements of efficient image segmentation for the manipulator self-recognition target, a method of image segmentation...


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