Numerical Analysis of KI of Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack in Steel Structure Strengthened with FRP under Tensile Load


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Defects like surface crack often appear in steel structures. To ensure the structural integrity and security, the new material such as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) was adopted for strengthening and repairing. In this paper, three dimensional semi-elliptic surface crack in steel tension specimen strengthened with carbon fiber laminate (CFL) was studied, and numerical analysis was undertaken by Abaqus finite element software to study the stress intensity factor (SIF, KI) of the surface crack for CFL reinforcement effect. The results showed that, strengthening effect of CFL in front side was better than the back side of the steel plate; Crack shape ratio, a/c, had greater influence on strengthening effect in front side compared with little effect in the back side; The changes of crack relative depth, a/B, affected strengthening effect.



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C. Y. Zhao et al., "Numerical Analysis of KI of Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack in Steel Structure Strengthened with FRP under Tensile Load", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 137, pp. 42-49, 2012

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October 2011




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