Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Volume 137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Yuan Ma, Hong Jian Liao, Mao Hong Yu

Abstract: Numerical computations using finite difference method and unified strength theory are reported to analyze the slope stability problem. The...

Authors: Sheng Zhuo Lu, Wei Wang

Abstract: The number of accidental explosions has recently increased, and more researchers focus attention on damage mechanism and safety strategy of...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Xian Wen, Yan Qun Jiang

Abstract: A proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) method is applied to study the global stability analysis for flow past a stationary circular...

Authors: Shaofang Shi, Qi Zhi Wang, Ping Jun Li

Abstract: The singular stress problem of a flat annular crack around a spherical cavity subjected to internal pressure is investigated. By application...

Authors: Jing Lin Qian, Ye Zhang, Min Sheng Zheng

Abstract: The observation series of concrete dam deformation is composed of the trend component, the periodic component and the stochastic...

Authors: Yan Hong Chen, Xing Qian Peng, Rong Yang

Abstract: In order to improve the utilization of wind energy, set the tower on the roof, the roof tower on the use of CFD technology in different...

Authors: Antonín Lokaj, Kristyna Vavrusova, Eva Rykalová

Abstract: The aim of this paper is determination of selected strength characteristics of dowel joints in cement-splinter boards VELOX on the basis of...

Authors: Tie Jun Qu, Xian Yun Wang, De Ying Meng, Dong An

Abstract: Large turbine–generator foundation can reduce the vibration in an effective way by mounting vibration isolating springs when the equipments...

Authors: Cheng Hao Wu, Meng Guo, Yuan Jian Zhang

Abstract: According to the special forms and mechanical behavior of frame-composite walls, displacement calculation method for frame-composite walls...

Authors: Li Hua Huang, Bing Li, Gang Lei, Dong Dong Shi

Abstract: Suspension aerial crossing structures are broadly applied for supporting petroleum pipelines across special terrain for their optimal...


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