Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Volume 137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Jun Zhang, Hong Nan Li, Cai Qian Shi

Abstract: Through the research on the mass concrete slab construction technology of Dalian World Finance Center, this paper has systematically...

Authors: Xiang Yang Duan, Zhi Wei Li, Yang Yang, Yu Jie Gong

Abstract: Tianjin tower is the landmark building of Tianjin, and is of out-of-codes super high-rise concrete filled steel tube (CFST)-steel reinforced...

Authors: Xiao Ping Liu, Dong Yue Qian, Sen Song Fang, Yang Zhang

Abstract: Most papers focused on the hydraulic conditions and seldom took the factor of ships into consideration when they studied the impacts of...

Authors: Guo Tao Liu, Zhen Zhang, Xu Ya Peng

Abstract: Due to the leachate collection layer’s good ventilation and leachate leaching role, aerobic bio-filter bed for treating leachate can be...

Authors: Zong Kun Li, Yu Rong Huang, Jian You Wang, Qiang Zi

Abstract: In order to simulate the seepage field with drain pipes, the air element method is used in this paper. In this method, the pipe elements are...

Authors: Wen Fei Li, Guang Lei Wang

Abstract: In the low-pressure pulse and cavitation jet compound drilling technology, pulse low-pressure and cavitation jet generator is installed on...

Authors: Li Peng Yang, Bing Shi, Ya Kun Guo

Abstract: This paper investigates the dynamic angle of repose underneath the submarine pipeline. Using a sand deposition model, the analysis of forces...

Authors: Hu An Li, Qin Xiang Wang, Yong Xiang Yang, Ge He Zhu, Long Xin Wang, Zhan Yin Zhang

Abstract: Soil-water characteristic curve describes the relationship between suction and volumetric water content of unsaturated soils. Air-enter have...

Authors: Song Bai Cai, Ming An Shao, Dian Qing Lu, Xiao Li Fu, Da Zhi Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of computers and computing techniques, some increasingly complicated computational problems in engineering and...

Authors: Qing Lan Qi, Qiang Kong, Qing Qing Ye

Abstract: In the background of the cutthroat flume of the second stem II station in the Ye River hub of Shijiazhuang, the model test is selected to...


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