Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Volume 137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Jiang Zhang, Yan Li Chu, Ji Qin Zhong

Abstract: The data from 11 meteorological radiosonde stations in 5 provinces including Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Hebei are divided...

Authors: Bin Gui Wu, Zhao Yu Wang, Yi Yang Xie

Abstract: The air flow and turbulent fluxes features during the radiation fog formed on the dawn of 17 October 2007 is discussed in order to study the...

Authors: Gan Lin Guo, Jing Xu, Yan Shi, Ting Xu

Abstract: Laboratory studies were undertaken to determine the growth and chemical constituents of Ulva pertusa at fluctuating light density...

Authors: Li Mei Tang

Abstract: Gabbro is mostly the result of partly melting from mantle rock, and its formation is usually related with extension tectonic, the research...

Authors: Wen Jing Xu, Hong Yan Liu

Abstract: Ground-based 12-channel microwave radiometer profiler TP/WVP-3000 can provide temperature and vapor density profile per minute up to 10 km...

Authors: Fang Hui Hou, San Zhong Li, Zhi Xun Zhang

Abstract: On the base of comprehensive analysis of some new single-track seismic profiles and logging data, the neotectonic movement characteristics...

Authors: Yan Mei Li, Mei Lei, Tong Bin Chen

Abstract: A-two step soil washing experiment was conducted to search an effective washing technique for the remediation of the contaminated soil from...

Authors: Yan Fang, Zhen Bo Lv, Huan Jun Zhang, Fan Li, Bing Qing Xu

Abstract: The seasonal variation and horizontal distribution of nutrients including inorganic nitrogen (DIN), phosphate...

Authors: Pei Ji Shi, Zu Jing Wang, Wei Li

Abstract: This paper selects 9 indicators to build the economic development indicators of urban tourism in Gansu Province. We use the principal...

Authors: Gen Hai Zhu, Yan Lan Liu, Li Hong Chen, Pei Song Yu, Mao Jin, Zi Lin Liu

Abstract: Using China Southern Ocean’s study data collected from 1989 to 2009 year, this paper analyzed the related characteristics between...


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