Design of Dynamic Control on Underwater Vehicle


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Considering the effects in the gravity, buoyancy, thrust and hydrodynamic on the underwater vehicle, based on the perspective of the dynamic control, established a relatively complete dynamic model of underwater vehicle, analyzed and designed the control system on this base. The control system is consisted of two control loop. Dynamic compensation of the within control loop based on the dynamic characteristic of the vehicle, by the role of the within control loop, the vehicle became an easy to control and a decoupled linear system. Outer control loop achieved a negative feedback control through the use of proportional and differential item on the actual vehicle pose and the posture deviation expected. Adjusted by adjusting the parameter matrix Kd, Kp can get the desired attenuation of the error, which can achieve precise motion control of underwater vehicles. Simulation results show that: the control model, in the paper, can be built for dynamic control of underwater vehicles, there is a strong anti-interference ability, can better realize the theory of time-varying trajectory tracking.



Edited by:

Honghua Tan






G. D. Lun et al., "Design of Dynamic Control on Underwater Vehicle", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 138-139, pp. 333-338, 2012

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November 2011




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