Steady Air Injection Flow Control in Centrifugal Compressor


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In the present work steady air injection upstream of the leading edge was used in a centrifugal compressor, Whose preliminary design of compressor injection systems can be modeled by a geometrical relationship between user-specified yaw angle and resulting blade incidence angle based on simple velocity triangles, the error between the best yaw angle obtained from this relationship and that obtained from numerical simulation is less than 3%. To reveal the mechanism, steady numerical simulations were performed on high pressure ratio centrifugal compressor rotor operated with a rotor tip speed of 586 m/s. Parametric studies of the injection yaw angle was performed to determine the configuration that provide the best steady results for the compression systems studied in this work. The injectors were placed at short distance (ten percent of the inlet tip radius upstream of the compressor face) the objective of this was to achieve maximum control over the leading edge flow by varying individual injection parameters. The injection angle, α, was fifteen while the yaw angle, β, was parametrically varied. The results show that at design speed (n= 50 000 r/min) with injection flow rate equal to 3% of the main flow rate and 25 degree air injection yaw angle can lower the mass flow rate at stall for approximately 7.5%.



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Honghua Tan






I. Benhegouga and C. Yang, "Steady Air Injection Flow Control in Centrifugal Compressor", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 138-139, pp. 471-477, 2012

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November 2011




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