Performance Research on the High-Altitude Valve of an Aero-Engine Ventilation System


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For aero-engines, high-altitude valve is a key component, which is important to the high-altitude performance of ventilation system. However, theoretical researches or experimental tests of high-altitude valve are rare. To define whether the high-altitude valve can work normally during the whole flight envelope and to offer relational information for the improve design, this article focuses on the operation process and characteristic computation of high-altitude valve. Based on operational principle and structural analysis, using mechanics method, the high-altitude characteristic computation of high-altitude valve was done and the flight height where the valve closes was identified. In the same way, we analysed the static characteristic, getting the inner-cavity pressure in high-altitude flying state. Compared with the experimental results, the analytical methods and calculated values are validated to be accurate. The characteristic curves obtained can be directly used in the check and acceptance or further design of high-altitude valve.



Edited by:

Honghua Tan






L. C. Su et al., "Performance Research on the High-Altitude Valve of an Aero-Engine Ventilation System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 138-139, pp. 540-547, 2012

Online since:

November 2011




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