Research on the Vibration Attenuation of Heavy-Duty Machine Tool Based on Non-Obstructive Particle Damping (NOPD)


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In this paper, the possibility of applying non-obstructive particle damping (NOPD) into the vibration attenuation for heavy-duty machine tool was analyzed and the experimental study on the characteristics of damping vibration attenuation was then carried out. First, the finite-element model for heavy planer type milling machine was built and then the stress state excited by the cutting force in the presence of the holes for filling particles located in the stand column was calculated. Secondly, based on the experiment, the acceleration time-domain waveform and the frequency response function (FRF) between NOPD application and the traditional solid cast-iron column of the planer type milling machine were obtained. Finally it is indicated that NOPD can effectively reduce the amplitude of vibration of heave-duty machine tool and has a good damping effect. Meanwhile, it has some additional effects, such as cost reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction.



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Honghua Tan






W. Q. Xiao et al., "Research on the Vibration Attenuation of Heavy-Duty Machine Tool Based on Non-Obstructive Particle Damping (NOPD)", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 138-139, pp. 799-803, 2012

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November 2011




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