Characterization of Dietary Fiber from Millet Brans


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The dietary fibres (DFs) were obtained by enzymatic-chemical method from glutinous and normal millet brans from China, and their main components, neutral monosaccharide composition were analyzed. Some physicochemical properties of the two DFs were evaluated also, including the swelling capacity, water holding capacity (WHC), and oil holding capacity (OHC), et al. Data showed that the total dietary fiber content of glutinous millet bran (GMB) was 76.58g/100g, of which 69.09 g/100 g was insoluble dietary fiber (IDF) and 7.49g/100g was soluble dietary fiber (SDF), compared with normal millet bran (NMB), 73.18g/100g total dietary fiber, 65.55g/100g IDF and 7.63g/100g SDF, respectively. The DF extracted from the two raw materials both possess excellent properties, the SC values were 4.8mL/g and 4.61mL/g (37°C) for DFs of glutinous and normal samples, respectively. Also, both the two DFs exhibit obvious binding ability to the cholesterol at pH 7(GMB DF 8.14 mg/g, NMB DF 7.89mg/g).



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Robert Zhu






B. Y. Liu et al., "Characterization of Dietary Fiber from Millet Brans", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 140, pp. 278-285, 2012

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November 2011




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