Medical Materials and Engineering

Volume 140

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Chen, Cheng Yi Zhang, Xiao Dong Gai

Abstract: Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV-6), which is different with Human Immunoddficiency Virus (HIV) was first isolated from peripheral blood...

Authors: Xiao Hong Shao, Ji Qing Xu, Yan Peng Jiao, Chang Ren Zhou

Abstract: The biomineral-binding alendronate-chitosan conjugate (Scheme 1) was developed as a novel drug delivery system. Alendronate was conjugated...

Authors: Lei Li, Lu Lu, Chang Ren Zhou, Zuo Cong Xu

Abstract: Calcium alginate hydrogels, offering cells with three dimensional growing environments similar to that experienced in vivo, is an appealing...

Authors: Wen Hua Li, Dong Ya Yuan, Min Zhang, Fang Yun Sun

Abstract: Objective To investigate the plateau plains of arginine vasopressin (AVP) gene polymorphism population and hypoxic adaptation in the...

Authors: Wen Hua Li, Dong Ya Yuan, Fang Yun Sun, Feng Cang Zhao, Min Zhang, Zhong Liu

Abstract: Background: Studies show that rapid access to high altitude, the body inevitably will be different degrees of injury, more significant...

Authors: Yong Bo Gao, Xi Feng Wu, Li Wen Zhou, Ai Jiang, Li Ming Yang, Xuan Lin, Hong Chen Sun

Abstract: Objective:The aim of the study was to explore most effective way to control infection during implant treatment. Methods: The study was...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Wan Li Li, Fang Cai Li, Qi Xin Chen, Kan Xu, Wei Shan Chen

Abstract: Objective. To evaluate biomechanics of the new-designed cage for lumbar interbody fusion by using FEMs analysis.Methods. Five validated...

Authors: Yu Qing Jiao, Geng Xu Zhou, Jian Ping Huang, Xiao Yang Hong, Xue Yong Yang, Zhi Chun Feng

Abstract: Objective To assess risk factors of acute kidney injury in congenital cardiac disease following cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass...

Authors: Yong Bo Gao, Xi Feng Wu, Shu Ping Chen, Li Ming Yang, Ai Jiang, Yan Min Zhou

Abstract: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an exciting development in dental and maxillofacial imaging. This article gives an report for...

Authors: Ping Li, Xiao Hui Jia, Yan Zhou, Xiao Yan Han, Yu Hong Tang, Xiao Jun Li, Tian Jun Jia

Abstract: Objectives To analyze CPn0308 immunogenicity in the CPn infected patients with ICVD. Methods ①Clinical blood samples and separate plasma...


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