Medical Materials and Engineering

Volume 140

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Aan Du, Wei Song, Xin Yang, Hai Hong Xue, Kun Sun

Abstract: The four-chamber view of heart plays an important role in clinical diagnosis of cardiac disease. According to the geometric structure of...

Authors: Hao Gang Xue, Xiao Dong Gai, Xin He, Chun Ying Yang

Abstract: Teleostean trigeminal nerve somatosensory fibers consists of maxillar, ophthalmic, and mandibular branches. Nevertheless, it is still...

Authors: Yao Hua Zhao, Hui Guang Yang, Hai Tao Deng, Li Hong Xu, Da Zhong Zou, Yao Ming Shen, Wei Qi Huang, Dong Liang Yuan

Abstract: Objective: To explore the feasibility and clinical value to keep the denatured dermis in the deep II degree burns. Methods: With the consent...

Authors: Yong Mei Hou, Pei Cheng Hu, Mei Wang, Zhan Yu Mo

Abstract: Mental problems have profound influence on the development and transfer of illness of the maintained hemodialysis (MHD) patients in the past...

Authors: Xin Lei Zhang, Jing Jing Kong, Ji Hong Feng

Abstract: In this paper, we design a temperature sensing system based on a DSP chip TMS320F2812 for a real-time PCR instrument. In this system, we...

Authors: Miao Fang Liu, Jia Ying Luo, Yuan Ming Luo

Abstract: Many studies have shown that sleepiness is a major cause of traffic accidents. Some occupations, such as airplane pilots and automobile...

Authors: Heng Sheng Shu, Xun Lin Li, Yao Deng, Tong Jun Qv, Yun Sheng Li, Wu Yuan, Heng Shao

Abstract: It is widely acknowledged that image thinking is significant in medical education. The colorful pictures and animations need to be presented...

Authors: Guang Tao Xu, Xiao Wei Wu, Xin Mei Zhou, Shi Piao Chen, Shen Rong Shen

Abstract: In this study, we observed antiatheroscloresis ability of food-roune hyperlipidemia by total falconoid from Jumi in rats. We used...

Authors: Wei Pei Zhu, Ai Hua Gao, Xin Chen, Feng Li, Nan Jiang, Hong Zhang

Abstract: Objectives To study expression of KiSS-1 and its role in migration and invasion of ovarian cancer (OC). Methods Expression of KiSS-1 was...

Authors: Xu Guo Sun, Dian Jun Wei, Xiao Chun Liu, Yu Zhu Ma, Xin Fan, Ke Sheng Hu

Abstract: Objectives: Conventional automatic identification system to differentiate white blood cells from renal tubular epithelial cells was limited...


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