Medical Materials and Engineering

Volume 140

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Qing Li, Juan Xu, Mei Ling Chen, Hui Ruan, Guo Qing He, Xue Qian Wu

Abstract: Probiotics are of great beneficial functions, especially on gastrointestinal health. Probiotic yoghurt is gaining popularity for it is the...

Authors: Liang Fang, Wen Long Wu, Hui Fang Zhao, Lian Fei Lv, Wei Lin Li

Abstract: The content and composition of fatty acids in the seed oil from 4 blackberry varieties were compared in this paper to provide further...

Authors: Bei Yu Liu, Jia Ying Peng, Xiao Man Zeng, Hong Yan Zheng, Geng Zhong

Abstract: The dietary fibres (DFs) were obtained by enzymatic-chemical method from glutinous and normal millet brans from China, and their main...

Authors: Xing Hong Xu, Bin Lun Yan, Jia Tao Xu

Abstract: Penaeus japonicus is an important marine shrimps resource in China. In order to evaluate the nutritional value, the contents of...

Authors: Jin Hong Wu, Shao Yun Wang, Yan Wu, Zheng Wu Wang

Abstract: In this study, cryoprotective effects of sericin enzymatic peptides (SEP) on the freeze-induced denaturation of grass carp surimi were...

Authors: Cai Mei Wu, Hong Min Yuan, Gang Jia, Zhi Sheng Wang, Xiu Qun Wu

Abstract: A reversed high performance liquid chromatography method was developed for the quantitative determination of mimosine and 2,3-DHP in leaves...

Authors: Zhong Ling Wu, Zhong Qiang He, Mao Zhang Guo

Abstract: The HPLC method has been developed for the determination of nine food additives (acesulfame-potassium, benzoic acid, sodium saccharin,...

Authors: Jian Liang Liu, Lu Chen, Shi Lun Xu, Pei Peng Xu, Ying De Cui, Paul L. Chen

Abstract: Gonggan(Citrus sinensis Osb. ‘Deqing Gonggan’)is a natural hybrid citrus from Guangdong province. To understand conflicting relationships...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Jie Min He, Li Yun Zhu, Hui Jin, Jia Li

Abstract: Extraction method by which auricularia auricula was treated affects the phytochemical composition and properties of the fibre-rich...

Authors: Yu Zhu Han, Shu Yao Song

Abstract: The antioxidant substances of ginger are extremely easy to degrade in the process of store and its quality and economic value are also...


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