Medical Materials and Engineering

Volume 140

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Feng Shi, Yuan Xu, Yu Hua Li, Hong Xia Zeng, Yu Hong Sun

Abstract: The extraction processing of lycopene from watermelon was investigated in this paper. Based on single factor experiments, response surface...

Authors: Qing Qing Li, Juan Xu, Mei Ling Chen, Hui Ruan, Guo Qing He, Xue Qian Wu

Abstract: The aim of the present work was to optimize the formula of cryoprotectants for freeze drying process of the previous selected...

Authors: Ching Ying Hu, Yong Jie Liu, Mei Ling Hou, Yu Mei Wu, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: The modellings of the respiration rate of papaya by using enzyme kinetics, chemical kinetics and artificial neural network (ANN) were...

Authors: Wei Xu, Xi Bo Wang, Yu Jie Chi

Abstract: Oligopeptide with a high Fischer ratio by protease hydrolysis from egg white was prepared. The optimal substrate concentration 5.5% and...

Authors: Shao Yun Wang, Jun Zhao, Zhi Bin Xu, Jin Hong Wu

Abstract: Antifreeze proteins have characteristics of inhibiting the growth of crystals, decreasing the injury of cells and can retain the structure,...

Authors: Chen Wei Zhou, Juan Xu, Qing Qing Li, Rui Zhi Wang, Lu Yang, Shan Shan Du, Hui Ruan, Guo Qing He

Abstract: Quick frozen could preserve the maximum micro-texture and taste quality of vegetables, and blanching pretreatment is primary determinant of...

Authors: Juan Xu, Qing Qing Li, Chen Wei Zhou, Rui Zhi Wang, Shan Shan Du, Lu Yang, Hui Ruan, Guo Qing He

Abstract: Freezing technology has an important impact on the quality of quick frozen vegetables. In this study, followed blanching at 96.5 °C for 1.03...

Authors: Xing Feng, Lei Wang, Mei Ling Tao, Qing Zhou

Abstract: Objective: To study antimicrobial activity of aqueous extract of maize silk. Methods: Choose Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,...

Authors: Jie Dong, Yun Sheng Jiang, Hai Yu, Wen Juan Zhang, Yu Feng Liu

Abstract: Three lactobacilli (L26, L34 , L106) isolated from naturally fermented rabbit sausage in a...

Authors: Ze Tian Hua, Yi Ding, Fang Wang, Qin Zhang

Abstract: A japonica restorer line (named m119) with extremely high protein content was bred successfully, whose protein content (wet base)...


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