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Authors: Xiao Li Qiao, Chang Sheng Zhu
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:To effectively control unbalanced vibration caused by grinding wheel mass unbalance, a new active control strategy for grinding wheel...
Authors: Xing Xing Zhu, Si Hong Zhu
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:In order to further reduce the vibration transmitted from vehicle to driver, a new model of driver scissors linkage seat suspension was put...
Authors: Hong Chun Qu, Xie Bin Ding, Tai Yong Wang
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Aeroengine oil contains wear debris generated by friction. Based on the Dempster-Shafer evidence combination theory, aeroengine wear...
Authors: Ying Zhang, Shu Ming Li
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Noise, bistable system and input signal are the three essential factors in stochastic resonance (SR). The noise-induced SR method, the...
Authors: Yong Gang Li, Bing Yan
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a novel precision press is proposed, which is to combine the motion of a large constant speed motor with a small servomotor...
Authors: Dong Jiao Chen, Jia Yan Chen, Xiao Qing Shen, Zhang Wei Chen
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Multi-exciter vibration can provide greater thrust for overweight test specimen, achieve the uniformity of vibration for the special...
Authors: Ya Wei Zhang, Jian Guo Yang
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Modern and reliable tightening spindle systems are indispensable due to importance of bolt connection in assembly technology, and the...
Authors: Lin Yu Su, Yi Qiang Sun, Jian Ming Wen
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:In this paper, there are two kinds of impact vibration models: rigid impact model and elastic model. The dynamic responses of the two kinds...
Authors: Xiao Juan Sun, Jian Run Zhang
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Focusing on low-frequency shaking of the construction machine cab, the article analyzes reasons of the shaking and shows several improved...
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