Application of Generalized Stochastic Resonance to the Vibration Test


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Noise, bistable system and input signal are the three essential factors in stochastic resonance (SR). The noise-induced SR method, the parameter-tuning SR method, and the twice sampling SR method change the characteristics of the noise, the bistable system and the input signal, respectively. With the new cooperation, they can all produce the SR phenomena when the system exceeds the small-parameter area. If treating the strong noise and the input signal with large frequency, the actions of the system parameters can build the system behavior in an orderly way, associated with the twice sampling frequency. The united parameter-tuning SR method adjusts the system parameters to fit the normalized frequency after the twice sampling SR, in order to make the optimal noise intensity. The application to the flow meter vibration test has presented the practicability and effectiveness of the united parameter-tuning SR method.



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Hun Guo, Taiyong Wang, Zeyu Weng, Weidong Jin, Shaoze Yan, Xuda Qin, Guofeng Wang, Qingjian Liu and Zijing Wang




Y. Zhang and S. M. Li, "Application of Generalized Stochastic Resonance to the Vibration Test", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 141, pp. 21-25, 2012

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November 2011




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