Control Strategy for Multi-Exciter Random Vibration Test


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Multi-exciter vibration can provide greater thrust for overweight test specimen, achieve the uniformity of vibration for the special structure of the thin specimen, and overcome the shortcomings in single-exciter test, it becomes the trend of vibration test. Based on the control theory of multi-exciter vibration test, a system equilibrium synthesis is presented to make up for deficiencies of different methods for random vibration test control algorithm. the relevant experimental study is carried out on the experimental platform, experimental results show that dynamic control range of multi-exciter random vibration control system achieves 90dB in the self closed-loop control test. high precision is reached for self-spectrum control of actual test system after establishing multiple shaker, self-spectrum of control response is controlled in the range of ± 1.5dB, which satisfies requirements in engineering test.



Edited by:

Hun Guo, Taiyong Wang, Zeyu Weng, Weidong Jin, Shaoze Yan, Xuda Qin, Guofeng Wang, Qingjian Liu and Zijing Wang






D. J. Chen et al., "Control Strategy for Multi-Exciter Random Vibration Test", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 141, pp. 33-38, 2012

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November 2011




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