Application Research for Super-Gaussian Random Vibration Test Control Strategy


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The super-Gaussian random vibration test has increasingly attracted attention for its existed advantages in comparison with traditional random vibration test. The super-Gaussian random signal generation principle is investigated in study based on the research about control theory for the super-Gaussian random vibration test, meanwhile, super-Gaussian random drive signal used in control system is obtained from Poisson process and filter theory. The experiment proves that high control accuracy of output power spectrum and kurtosis can be realized by taking super-Gaussian random vibration control strategy proposed in paper, which is consistent with the requirement in engineering. In the end, super-Gaussian random vibration control system is applied into the Highly Accelerated life Testing(HALT) for the incandescent lamp, and a comparison between super-Gaussian random vibration test and traditional Gaussian distribution random vibration test is carried out, the comparison results indicate that super-Gaussian random vibration excitation signal comparing with Gaussian distribution signal can markedly quicken the fatigue failure process for incandescent lamp.



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Hun Guo, Taiyong Wang, Zeyu Weng, Weidong Jin, Shaoze Yan, Xuda Qin, Guofeng Wang, Qingjian Liu and Zijing Wang






Z. W. Chen et al., "Application Research for Super-Gaussian Random Vibration Test Control Strategy", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 141, pp. 83-87, 2012

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November 2011




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