Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin You Li, W.Y. Chen

Abstract: To analyze effects of singularity on parallel manipulator, the Jacobian matrixes were introduced as the indexes for analyzing the 3UPS/S...

Authors: Xue Qi Xu, Cong Jin, Yu Dong Cao

Abstract: Reverse supply chain (RSC) management, which is oriented towards the entire lifecycle of products, has been concerned with the emerging of...

Authors: Da Yong Jiang, Jin Zhou Lin

Abstract: In order to find the machine fault and take adaptive measures to deal with it accurately and in time for machine equipment fault diagnosis,...

Authors: Pan Zhang, Jing Chuan Dong, Tai Yong Wang, Jian Wan, Yan Hao

Abstract: A method to recover the distorted signal in the bistable stochatic resonance(SR) system is proposed.This paper investigates the movement...

Authors: Lai Xi Zhang, Xing Song Wang, Shu Lin Liu

Abstract: A new 2-DOFs dynamic turning model including the compliance of workpiece and cutting tool is developed. In past studies, most of them were...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Xin Xu Wang, Li Wen Wang

Abstract: One widely-used scissor lift mechanism with the input mode of single hydraulic cylinder is researched. A unified accurate mechanics model of...

Authors: Ting Dong, Hong Jun Wang, Lei Shi

Abstract: Maintenance schemes in manufacturing systems are devised to reset the machines functionality in an economical fashion and keep it within...

Authors: Jing Zhang Zhi, Cheng Zu Ren, Jing Chuan Dong

Abstract: According to the feature of five-axis CNC machine tools’structure, do researches on post-process technique. By means of analysis of the...

Authors: Yun Gen Xu, Ze Yu Weng, Hong Wu You, Yan Qin Zheng, Xiao Ping Huang

Abstract: Temperature, load and rotate speed are the main factors which influence grease bearing life are presented by means of study on failure...

Authors: Zuo Jun Song

Abstract: A 4WS automobile dynamic model with two degree-freedom was presented, and it’s dynamic equation and transient response was obtained by...


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