Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Liang Feng, Guo Feng Wang, Xu Da Qin, Chang Liu

Abstract: The fault diagnosis of rolling bearing plays a significant role in rotating machinery. This paper makes a comparison between the acoustic...

Authors: Zhang Wei Chen, Lan Yuan, Yan Chao Hu

Abstract: An improved algorithm of the discrete orthogonal polynomial to identify the modal parameters is stated and a modal analysis system is...

Authors: Jing Bin Xun, Gang Wang, Zhi Feng Qiao, Yan Yu Ding, Xiang Gui Ling, Zhi Yuan Tang

Abstract: The network manufacturing technology of CNC machine tools can greatly increase their manufacturing efficiency, reduce production costs,...

Authors: Hai Peng Li, Ping Ma, Biao Zhou

Abstract: The aerostatic guide way is one the structure of the air thrust bearings, the carrying capacity and stiffness are important static...

Authors: Yong Xiang Jiang, San Peng Deng, Yu Ming Qi, Bing Du

Abstract: Unstable grinding due to the regenerative chatter is one of the most critical errors and a serious limitation to achieve good surface...

Authors: Chang Liu, Guo Feng Wang, Xu Da Qin, Lu Zhang

Abstract: There is a high requirement on the surface quality of work-pieces made of Ni-based super-alloys due to the important application in aviation...

Authors: Jiang Wang, Ji Zhou, Bao Bao Li, Xiao Ling Li, Shi Yong Song

Abstract: The optimization theory of the motorcycle frame structure was described. The FEM model of the frame structure was established by Hyperworks...

Authors: Lu Zhang, Guo Feng Wang, Xu Da Qin, Xiao Liang Feng

Abstract: Tool wear monitoring plays an important role in the automatic machining processes. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a reliable method...

Authors: Si Hong Zhu, Zhi Jin Xiao, Xiao Yan Li

Abstract: To accurately predict the fatigue life of vehicle frame, MBS and FEM were integrated. A full multi-body dynamic model was established first,...

Authors: Li Wen Shi, Qing Sen Xie, Ran Tian

Abstract: The quick design and manufacture efficiency of the new production design is a significant issue faced by modern enterprises, the key of...


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