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Authors: Li Xia Li, Tian Ning Chen, Xiao Peng Wang, Bo Li
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a one-dimensional bi-stage phononic band gap (PBG) structure based on double local resonant effects is presented to reduce the...
Authors: Hui Jie Yu, Xiao Long Yan
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:This paper deals with the analysis of a single degree of freedom vibration isolation system with dry friction damper. Based on the analysis...
Authors: Ming Yu, Ling Li Zhang, Yang Li, Xian Guo Yan, Juan Du
Chapter 1: Vibration Technology
Abstract:Vibration and radiated sound of Air Conditioning are harmful to environment and safeness. Air Conditioning Compressor is its major part...
Authors: Li Bo Zhao, Ze Yu Weng, Hong Gang Ding, Xiao Qing Shen, Xue Zhe Tang
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:Linear rolling guide has gained wide application in various CNC machines. As a main joint of the machine tools, it makes great impact on the...
Authors: Xiao Bo Liu, Jian Run Zhang, Pu Li, Xin Hua Wang
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:A theoretical analysis of Vacuum Film Deaeration(VFD) based on the characteristics of fluid film on a rotating cone surface is carried out....
Authors: Zhang Wei Chen, Xiang Wen, Dong Jiao Chen
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:The super-Gaussian random vibration test has increasingly attracted attention for its existed advantages in comparison with traditional...
Authors: Cheng Yang, Chao Shi
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:Based on JS engine, this paper made a detailed analysis on the standard BP algorithm, BP algorithm with additional momentum item, BP...
Authors: Miao Hu, Tai Yong Wang, Bo Geng, Qi Chen Wang, Dian Peng Li
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:Nonlinear least square is one of the unconstrained optimization problems. In order to solve the least square trust region sub-problem, a...
Authors: Zong Yu Chang, Lei Wang, Da Xiao Gao, Zhong Qiang Zheng
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:Deployment of buoy systems is one of the most important procedures for buoy system’s operation. In this paper, buoy system with surface buoy,...
Authors: Bao Jie Xu, Mao Wang
Chapter 2: Mechanical Dynamics
Abstract:Effective monitoring of photovoltaic system can make the operation condition of the system easy to know, and can also provide powerful data...
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