Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Feng Bi, Zhong Min Deng

Abstract: A stochastic method integrating Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) and multivariate regression analysis is presented. The main purpose of this...

Authors: Cheng Yang, Tao Feng

Abstract: In order to identify engine status correctly, a novel method of abnormal noise diagnosis of internal combustion engine based on the wavelet...

Authors: Yan Yu Ding, Guo Feng Wang, Zhi Feng Qiao, Zhi Yuan Tang, Xiang Gui Ling

Abstract: This paper proposes a method of realizing the quadrant error compensation in the embedded CNC system based on ARM and DSP. The method...

Authors: Ming Xia Fang

Abstract: Considering nonlinear aerodynamic forces and airfoil structure nonlinearity, aeroelasticity of supersonic airfoil was researched. Using the...

Authors: Liang Zhao, Jing Chuan Dong, Zhi Feng Qiao, Yan Yu Ding, Zhi Yuan Tang

Abstract: This paper presents a new space cutter compensation algorithm used in five-axis CNC machines. Five-axis CNC machines are composed of three...

Authors: Yong Xing Wang, Jiang Yan, Sheng Ze Wang

Abstract: A finite element model of the elastic support rotor system based on the corresponding experimental model was established. According to the...

Authors: Bo Li, Qing Jian Liu, Zhi Feng Qiao, Jing Chuan Dong, Qing Liu

Abstract: This paper focus on a motion control card based on DSP, designed an interface communication between DSP and industrial PC. After a contrast...

Authors: Ya Wei Zhang, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: CNC machine tools has always screw joints in its feed drive systems; In order to obtain good performance of CNC machine tool, it is...

Authors: Ya Wei Zhang, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: In order that the CNC machine tool has to achieve very high process accuracy, the bed structure has to have a reasonable construction to...

Authors: Bo Geng, Miao Hu, Qi Chen Wang, Jin Zhou Lin, Dian Peng Li

Abstract: Modal analysis of a simply supported beam with elastic support in vertical direction was conducted. Based on Bernoulli-Euler beam model, the...


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