Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jie Guo, Yong Wei Tian, Jing Yu Liu, Yan Wu Bai, Wen Tao Zhang

Abstract: Based on the communicating vessel principle, we present a new instrument for the measurement of bearing elevation change. A number of cups...

Authors: Xiang Sheng Dai, Jian Min Ma

Abstract: Based on Johnson-Cook constitutive equation energy absorbed by tubes under axial crush load is studied by using Singace fold model with...

Authors: X.G. Ling, Qing Li, Yan Yu Ding, Zhi Yuan Tang, Y.Y. Ding, Jing Bin Xun

Abstract: In this paper, modular design of multiple-axis motion controller for CNC using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology is studied....

Authors: Ze Xin Ding, Feng Yuan, Jun Zhu

Abstract: The automatic assembly system of saw chain is designed to solve the low efficiency and poor quality of its assembly process according to the...

Authors: Jian Wan, Tai Yong Wang, Jing Chuan Dong, Pan Zhang, Yan Hao

Abstract: To insure that sampling signal integrity, accuracy and real-time performance can adapt to the development of rotating machine fault...

Authors: Peng Li, Tian Liang Hu, Cheng Rui Zhang

Abstract: STEP-NC (ISO 14649) is a newly developed and feature-based machine tool control language for CNC controller. In contrast with conventional...

Authors: Tao Wang, Yi Liu Liu, Li Wen Wang, Hao Wang, Jie Tang

Abstract: Blades are key components in aircraft engines, and flight safety is directly impacted by the repair quality of blades. Digital modeling for...

Authors: Xiao Yao Zhou, Ya Fei Lu, Zhi Yong Zhang, Da Peng Fan

Abstract: A novel method in the solution of the pointing problem for electro-optical pointing system (EOPS) is presented in this paper. Firstly, the...

Authors: Ran Tian, Qing Sen Xie, Li Wen Shi

Abstract: In the background of the rapid popularization of Panel PC and touch-screen smart phone, the SNS interface is facing a transformation from...

Authors: Zhi Gao Luo, Bao Gang Zhang, Xin He

Abstract: The paper performs an experimental research on the crack identification of drawing parts using AE technique. Under the platform of the AE...


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