Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Qing Wang, Yang Zhao, Sheng Liang, Shu Hua Qian

Abstract: Free vibration of sealed hydraulic cylinder under periodic excitation has remarkable unstationary characteristics, e.g. quick change, wide...

Authors: Hong Jun Wang, Lei Sun, Lei Shi

Abstract: CNC grinder is considered as the key equipment of camshaft production line. Its reliability directly influences the quality of the products....

Authors: Xing Wei Sun, He Wang, Ke Wang, Xin Feng

Abstract: The screw motor is one kind of volume type power generator, the stator and the rotor is screw motor's core part. In this paper, cutting...

Authors: Yang Tan, Yi Lin Chi, Ya Yu Huang, Ting Qiang Yao

Abstract: The finite element modeling and simulation of extremely high speed machining of Ti6Al4V alloy are presented in the paper. The Johnson-Cook’s...

Authors: Lai Xi Zhang, Xing Song Wang

Abstract: A new four-point algorithm for orientation and position regulation of an end-effector for a flexible drilling robot is presented in this...

Authors: Sheng Bin Hu, Min Xun Lu

Abstract: To achieve the tracing control of a three-links spatial robot, a adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller based on radial basis function...

Authors: Rong Bi, Zheng Shi Liu, Kai Ming Li, Jun Chen, Yong Wang

Abstract: The acoustic attenuation of Helmholtz resonator including an extended neck and sound–absorbing materials is investigated in current study. A...

Authors: Xin Jian Lu, Si Hong Zhu, Zun Mang Ke, Jian Qin, Shao Wei

Abstract: The parameterized dynamic simulation model for a multi-link high precision press has been established in the ADAMS software environment...

Authors: Jun Zhong Xia, Zong Po Ma, Shu Min Li, Xiang Bi An

Abstract: This paper focuses on the influence of various vehicle suspension systems on ride comfort. A vehicle model with eight degrees of freedom is...

Authors: Yuan Wang, Jian Run Zhang, Xiao Bo Liu, Vanquynh Le

Abstract: Structure finite element model of excavator’s cabin is built, and the displacement response of cabin under the external force excitation is...


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