Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.J. Wu, X.Y. Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a modification to the existing blade force model of Wu et al. [5] to predict noise radiated from a low-pressure axial...

Authors: Ying Liu, C.J. Wu

Abstract: This paper presents the techniques to numerically simulate the inner flow field of the air conditioner outdoor unit with Fluent. The results...

Authors: Bao Ying Peng, Qiu Shi Han

Abstract: Used fixed equal step cubic spline interpolation in non-circular machining, the influence of acceleration may be too strong to cause burns...

Authors: Chang Li Liu, Shao Ping Zhou, Yuan Di, Peng Ru Xie

Abstract: A finite element model of rotor-bearing system with two disks was derived. Based on the vibration of journals, the online identification...

Authors: Qing Li, Run Wang, Q.J. Liu, Rong Zong Wu, M.K. Shao, C.J. Liao

Abstract: This paper presents a hierarchical genetic algorithm for interactive change search domain, using the search field continuously to shrink...

Authors: Yao Bao Yin, Ling Li

Abstract: The mechanism of gas cooled or heated through a pneumatic throttle orifice is analyzed. Supposing the total energy of the gas is constant,...

Authors: Ya Fei Lu, Xiao Yao Zhou, Da Peng Fan, Zhi Yong Zhang

Abstract: Butterfly pivot is a large-travel rotational flexure pivot, which can provide elastic support for the rotational shaft in several ten...

Authors: Rong Zong Wu, Qing Jian Liu, Ming Kun Shao, Run Wang

Abstract: Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is classified into swarm intelligence algorithm. Focusing on the NC processing parameters optimization,...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Tang, Jing Chuan Dong, Zhi Feng Qiao, Xiang Gui Ling, Yan Yu Ding, Jing Bin Xun

Abstract: Open PLC Development has a strong adaptability and flexibility. In consideration of the requirement of users of the computerized numerical...

Authors: Qian Ning, Qing Jian Liu, Lu Liu

Abstract: Cutting tool wear degrades the machining quality and reliability of CNC machine tool significantly in machining processes. Methods for...


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