Functional Manufacturing and Mechanical Dynamics II

Volume 141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hao, Jing Chuan Dong, Tai Yong Wang, Jian Wan, Pan Zhang

Abstract: Combining the filtering performance of cascaded bistable stochastic resonance with measurement capability of fractal box dimension for...

Authors: M.K. Shao, Z. Wang, Jing Zhang Zhi, Rong Zong Wu, Run Wang

Abstract: This article introduces the main task and trend of post processing of 5-linkage CNC machine. The kinematics model of 5-axis linkage CNC...

Authors: Xiu Fang Zhang, Rui Huo, Yi Qi Zhou, Zhen Zhou

Abstract: A dynamical model of a typical composite structure of plate-rolling bearing-gear shaft- rolling bearing-plate was developed, for the...

Authors: Jing Chuan Dong, Qing Jian Liu, Tai Yong Wang

Abstract: High speed CNC machining relies on the smooth interpolation of tool path in order to prevent impact and vibration. We present a new...

Authors: Xue Bin Liu, Wei Zhao, Chong Ning Li, De Ji Hu

Abstract: In order to generate STEP-NC data model in keeping with the ISO14649 protocol, extend the STEP model to the field of the CNC, the paper...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Tedros Alem Hadush, Qiong Yi He

Abstract: Research on the post-processing algorithm with the DMC75VLinear 5-axis machining center and Heidenhain iTNC530 numerical control system. The...

Authors: Jin Zhou Lin, Da Yong Jiang, Bo Geng, Zhong Hai Zhang

Abstract: This paper aimed at NC system’s high-speed, high-accuracy, high reliability requirements. The condition monitoring, faint information...

Authors: Pei Min Xu, Biao Wang, Jin Jie Ye, Hai Juan Zhang, Zhi Lai Huang, Xiao Kui Xu

Abstract: Large vibration of the sheet metal near the air knife is one of the main factors controlling the accuracy of thickness of the cladding zinc...

Authors: Hong Gang Ding, Ze Yu Weng, Hong Wu You, Bo Lu, Xue Zhe Tang

Abstract: This paper introduces a method of manufacturing process of resin concrete, made three tubular cast-iron specimens filled with resin...

Authors: Bao Jie Xu, Ran Liu

Abstract: The article discusses the EMD and adaptive time-frequency analysis method based on EMD, and explains the characteristics about oil whirl,...


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