Innovation in Materials Science and Emerging Technology

Volume 145

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.W. Neoh, Kim Yeow Tshai, P.S. Khiew, Chin Hua Chia

Abstract: Extensive environmental concern associated with the disposal of solid plastic wastes has stirred tremendous interest in the production and...

Authors: Yang Guo

Abstract: This paper presents a closed-form solution to determination of the position and orientation of a perspective camera with two unknown...

Authors: M. Tayyeb Javed, Bill Nimmo

Abstract: The escalation of ambient CO2 concentration due excessive use of coal in power generation has put impetus on the development of...

Authors: Kuo Jung Lin

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of sliding mode control design and adaptive sliding mode control design for robust stabilization of...

Authors: Long Zhang, Keith A. Williams, Zheng Chao Xie

Abstract: As consumer electronics continue to develop in size and scope, the battery power source with the limited life span poses an increasing...

Authors: Dein Shaw, Bo Han Zeng, Chuan Yi Kuo

Abstract: A knife blade cutting experiment was performed to study the effect of clearance between two knife blades on cutting only one layer of a...

Authors: Po Hsu Lin, Kuang Ting Cheng

Abstract: In the present electric or hybrid vehicle, a PTC heater is adopted to provide heating function. In order to overcome the drawback of low...

Authors: Gang Liu, Fan Wang, Guan Xin Hong

Abstract: It has important scientific and engineering applications for near-space platform to design the buoyancy-lifting aircraft with both bigger...

Authors: Kevin C. Tseng, Chi Wei Chung

Abstract: The intent of this paper is to illustrate a personas system effective design to aid development of new products. This system would help a...

Authors: Min Kyu Park, Seok Jo Go, Jang Sik Park, Moon Ho Choi, Chang Dong Kim, Kum Gil Sung

Abstract: In the case of hydraulic power system of ships or marine facilities, many kinds of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic components are...


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