Electromechanical and Systems Engineering

Volume 15

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.15

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Authors: Stasys Sinkunas, Jonas Gylys, Algimantas Kiela

Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to obtain a comprehension for the momentum and heat transfer developments in gravitational liquid film...

Authors: C. Morton, S. Yarusevych, I. Carvajal-Mariscal

Abstract: Flow over a step cylinder at ReD = 2000 and D/d = 2 was investigated using a URANS-based numerical approach. The results illustrate the...

Authors: H. Saidani-Scott, Mike Tierney, F. Sánchez-Silva

Abstract: This paper presents experimental results following a feasibility study into the uses of textiles for water filtration and purification. This...

Authors: O.A. Morales-Contreras, J.G. Barbosa-Saldaña, J.A. Jiménez-Bernal, Claudia del Carmen Gutiérrez Torres

Abstract: Numerical simulation for the three-dimensional laminar flow through a forward facing step channel was simulated by Fluent 6.3 code. Four...

Authors: Luis A. Moreno-Pacheco, G.E. Valle-Meléndez, Claudia del Carmen Gutiérrez Torres, J.A. Jiménez-Bernal, M. Toledo-Velázquez

Abstract: A numerical simulation of a flow passing throw two NACA 0012 airfoils is presented in this paper. Aerodynamics, drag forces, and pressure...

Authors: O. Cortés, G. Urquiza, J. Alfredo Hernández

Abstract: The present work uses the Levenberg-Marquardt Method (LMM) and a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for estimating the heat generation...

Authors: I. Carvajal-Mariscal, F. Sánchez-Silva, G. Polupan, J.A. Basualdo-Rojo

Abstract: Experimental research results of the operational parameter effect on Thermal Contact Resistance (TCR) in a copper-aluminum L-type finned...


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