Study on Support Properties of Axial Maglev Blood Pump


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Artificial heart pump requires small structure, low energy consumption and certain stiffness and damping for transplanting and long time using. This paper thus designed a hybrid-type axial maglev blood pump, which not only has small size, almost no energy, and poor dynamic characteristics of permanent magnet bearing but also has low power consumption, long life and good dynamic characteristics of magnetic bearing. Based on finite element method, magnetic flux of axial magnetic bearing, radial magnetic bearing and test rig are analyzed; at the same time, the structure parameters and mechanical properties and the coupling of radial MB and axial MB are studied. The results show that: rotor displacement of axial bearing and radial bearing will affect load capacity and stiffness. The conclusions provide a scientific basis for design and optimization of blood pump



Edited by:

Xiping Wang, Gang Zhang, Guoqing Wu, Jiansheng Zhang, Huangqiu Zhu and Hun Guo




H. C. Wu et al., "Study on Support Properties of Axial Maglev Blood Pump", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 150, pp. 187-193, 2012

Online since:

January 2012




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