Research on Lubricating Capability of Gear Oil Pump with the Arc-Cycloid Tooth Profiles at Meshing Zone


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Gear oil pump with the circle-arc and cycloid tooth profiles is a kind of inner meshed gear pump. The research on lubricating capability of the kind of pump is very lacking, though they are widely applied for many fields. The lubricant medium film thickness was calculated and the change trends of film thickness were found, combining characteristic of pump with the arc-cycloid tooth profiles. Calculating results indicate that full film lubrication can be easily formed at meshing zone when the pump was running. This shows that meshing efficiency of this kind of gear pump was good and wear quantity was small.



Edited by:

Wen Jin




Y. C. Zhang, "Research on Lubricating Capability of Gear Oil Pump with the Arc-Cycloid Tooth Profiles at Meshing Zone", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 152-154, pp. 714-719, 2012

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January 2012






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