Technique Influence on Cast-Iron Surface Textures Induced by LST


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The influence of various technological parameters on laser-textured cast-iron surface is presented in this paper. A kind of micro-pits array was analyzed using single-factor method, where Nd3+: YAG solid laser is applied to obtained regular surface textures, and 3D surface morphology profiler used to compare the surface topographies related to technology. Among of the set of parameters, the distance between working surface and cavity mirror, pumping current and number of pulses were concerned variables in the process of manufacturing of microstructures. The geometry structures for variables were characterized by the radius and depth of micro-pits. Moreover, surface roughness for different technological parameter were expressed with Ra, Rq and Rt. Abbott curve was adopted for valuing the abrasion resistance of given textured surfaces. One optical range of parameters is achieved for improving the level of laser texturing surface.



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Jing Guo




J. Y. Dai et al., "Technique Influence on Cast-Iron Surface Textures Induced by LST", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 157-158, pp. 1441-1445, 2012

Online since:

February 2012




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