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Authors: Bang Chun Wen, Xiao Peng Li, Wei Sun, Zhao Hui Ren
Abstract:In recent one century more than 60 design methods of products have been proposed and most of them can satisfy the one or several requirements...
Authors: De Jun Kong, F. Yuan, Hong Miao
Abstract:The residual stresses of WC coating prepared by flame spraying and laser re-melting were measured quantitatively with X-ray diffraction (XRD)...
Authors: Michael Flowers, Kai Cheng
Abstract:The dynamics of customer requirements in the global domain are dictating a need for the reconfiguration of existing conventional...
Authors: Yun Xia Wang, Zhi Liang Wang, Xiao Yu Ni
Abstract:To improve product family design methods for mass customization currently, scale-based modular method for product family design is proposed....
Authors: Dan Wang, Hong Yi Liu, Bin Li
Abstract:The laying pipe manipulator is used to lay concrete pipe, and it solves the question of safety, quality, and efficiency in the pipe laying...
Authors: Wei Li, Xiang Peng Hu
Abstract:Dynamic characteristic was analyzed for the hydraulic anti-sway system,and established the mathematical model of crane system by using...
Authors: Guang Zhong Hu, Shou Ne Xiao, Li Wu, Shi De Xiao
Abstract:With multiple unit running speed, the carbody structure design, strength and fatigue reliability have become an important part of the...
Authors: Li Xin Guo, Hua Long Xie, Shu Wen Zhou, Jin Li Li, Zhao Wen Wang, Ru Fei Xing
Abstract:A there-dimensional finite element model of the working device of a single backhoe-bucket hydraulic excavator was developed to analyze and...
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