Security Solution of Mobile E-Commerce Based on WAP


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This paper making good study and use of the advanced mobile e-commerce technology adopted by foreign advance countries, and technically analyzing the safety risk of the existing application model of WAP, and putting forward a new end-to-end security solution based on WAP, this solution needs two important processes which to improve end-to-end data transmission security by the create process of session key for security and the data transmission process by using of digital signature. With the popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of mobile communication technology, mobile e-commerce has become the inevitable trend of social development, and the safety problem is the main bottleneck which restricts social development. Mobile e-commerce brings more complex safety problem than traditional e-commerce because using a lot of new technology and equipment. So it is important to improve the safety performance and healthy development of mobile e-commerce, and to promote social information and national economy information.



Edited by:

Kai Cheng, Yongxian Liu, Xipeng Xu and Hualong Xie






M. L. Jin et al., "Security Solution of Mobile E-Commerce Based on WAP", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 16-19, pp. 169-173, 2009

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October 2009




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