e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: A Chun Wang, Li Ji, Li Gang Qu, Lei Zhang

Abstract: On the basis of analysing the quality of traditional working procedure in the production shop, this paper proposes the application of SPC...

Authors: Ri Liang Liu, Xian Zhi Zhang, Cheng Rui Zhang

Abstract: Over the last decade a new data interface for CAM/CNC integration has been established to replace ISO 6983. The new standard, ISO 14649...

Authors: Yu Ming Gu, Jie Liu, Kuo Liu, Zhao Yao

Abstract: Aiming at the shortcoming of feature space representation in traditional mean shift, we propose an improved object tracking method. At...

Authors: Yan Ling Zhao, Si Hai Cui, Liang Zhu, Feng Ling Wu

Abstract: For features of large data, complex operation and high transport in the process of measurement surface roughness, In this paper, roughness...

Authors: Hong Bo Wang, Ying Xue Yao, Yong Zhan Zhou

Abstract: Value of viscosity of liquid at an arbitrary velocity is important in many manufacturing processes, method of rotation is used commonly to...

Authors: Guang Lei Wu, Ping Zou, Xue Fei Yi

Abstract: A new type of 5-DOF drill grinder based on the tripod parallel universal wrist is introduced. Due to the simple mechanical structure...

Authors: Mark A. Harris, Diane J. Mynors, Chang J. Wang

Abstract: Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Capability Indices (PCI) are used extensively within manufacturing and service environments....

Authors: Sun Wei, Li Hua Dong, Yao Hua Dong

Abstract: In the domain of manufacture and logistics, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) holds the promise of real-time identifying, locating,...

Authors: Jin Yu Ren, Yong Xian Liu, Yong Ping Hao

Abstract: Coordination between buyer and supplier is an important way to lower supply chain cost and gain competitive advantage. This paper focuses on...

Authors: Yue Yang, Xi Bin Wang, Yu De Liu, Shuo Wang, Wu Wen

Abstract: This paper presents a novel fabrication process for micro metal parts using biologic etching method. The sheet metal parts can be etched by...


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