The Anthropomorphic Six Axis Robot as an Appropriate Tool for Automatic Gas Pipe Welding Process


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This paper presents current technologies used for pipe welding. Welding processes such as Tandem and Hybrid (Laser-GMAW) welding are compared to regular 1-wire GMAW. The device used for positioning the welding head is an anthropomorphic robot, as this type of robot provides everything needed for the application: low cost, flexibility, sufficient payload and precision.



Edited by:

Grigore Gogu, Inocentiu Maniu, Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Jean-Christophe Fauroux and Valentin Ciupe




R. Iovănaş et al., "The Anthropomorphic Six Axis Robot as an Appropriate Tool for Automatic Gas Pipe Welding Process", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 162, pp. 455-462, 2012

Online since:

March 2012




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