Prediction of Longitudinal Compression Strength for a 2.5D-C/SiC Composite Based on Laminate Theory


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Based on the analysis of the woven structure, the compressive fracture process and strength of a 2.5D-C/SiC ceramic matrix composite were investigated by the classical laminate theory. The porous composite was regarded as a spatial layered structure, and the two classes of the warps and wefts in the 2.5D-C/SiC composite were treated as the corresponding layers. The strengths of the C/SiC bundle and C/SiC lamina were determined, and the compression strength for the composite was calculated by progressive fracture method of the layers and elastic degradation. The failure mechanisms and the angles of the compressive fracture surfaces coincided with the experimental result well. It was demonstrated that the strength predictive method of the classical laminate theory can be applied to the analysis of 2.5D-C/SiC composite.



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Xingang Zhou, Mingjin Chu, Jinming Liu, Shuying Qu and Haitao Fan




Y. J. Chang et al., "Prediction of Longitudinal Compression Strength for a 2.5D-C/SiC Composite Based on Laminate Theory", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 166-169, pp. 2859-2862, 2012

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May 2012




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