Test Research on Flexural and Shear Properties of Bamboo Plywood


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This paper records the laboratory experiments on mechanical properties of bamboo plywood.According to related test codes, The mechanical properties such as bending modulus, bending capacities and shear modulus were calculated by specific formulas.All results were based on a series of tests conducted by the electronic universal testing machine and dial indicator . Bamboo plywood (including directed and nondirected) has satisfactory flexural and shear properties during the tests.Before tests,two surfaces of test block were defined as free surface and cutting surface corresponding to two loading directions.In different loading directions ,test block with the same size may behave different midspan deflections under the same cyclic load. Based on measured datas , the related mechanical modulus were gained , and the failure modes of bamboo plywood were discussed .



Edited by:

Xingang Zhou, Mingjin Chu, Jinming Liu, Shuying Qu and Haitao Fan




W. Q. Wu et al., "Test Research on Flexural and Shear Properties of Bamboo Plywood", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 166-169, pp. 2951-2957, 2012

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May 2012




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