Finite Element Analysis of Static Characteristic for Gantry Crane


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The strength and stiffness characteristics are important parameters in the design of metal structure of gantry crane. In this paper, the modeling of a gantry crane before and after reconstruction was performed by using Finite Element Method, and the strength and static stiffness of the gantry crane were analyzed. The results show that the insufficient stiffness of the reconstructed gantry crane in the shaking direction causes its laterodeviation. A strengthened method was determined after comparison of four reinforcement measures. The present results can provide an importantly theoretical basis for the reconstruction or strengthening of gantry cranes.



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Mingjin Chu, Xiangran Li, Jingzhou Lu, Xingmin Hou and Xiaogang Wang




Q. D. Zeng and Q. E. Li, "Finite Element Analysis of Static Characteristic for Gantry Crane", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 170-173, pp. 3077-3080, 2012

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May 2012




* - Corresponding Author

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