Cross-Sectional Stiffness Analysis and Support Span Calculation of WPC Decking


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The engineering design and installation of WPC decking directly affect its safety and service life. The flexural strength, stiffness and support span calculation of WPC decking is the primary consideration during its engineering design. This paper described the design principles of WPC decking. When WPC decking is used in engineering application, it must comply with the requirements of both flexural strength and stiffness. The cross-sectional stiffness of WPC decking is analyzed, and the method of increasing its stiffness is proposed. For various cross-sectional configurations of decking profiles, the method of calculating their support span is introduced.



Edited by:

Mingjin Chu, Xiangran Li, Jingzhou Lu, Xingmin Hou and Xiaogang Wang




H. Y. Wang et al., "Cross-Sectional Stiffness Analysis and Support Span Calculation of WPC Decking", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 170-173, pp. 3175-3180, 2012

Online since:

May 2012




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