The Effects of Water-Reducer on Early-Age Plastic Shrinkage of Concrete


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Water-reducer is one of the dispensable components in modern concrete, can improve the workability and mechanical performance of concrete, and also has an important influence on the plastic cracking resistance of concrete. In this paper, the flat cracking test was used to evaluate the effect of water reducer on the plastic cracking resistance of concrete, meanwhile, capillary pressure; plastic settlement and evaporation rate were also tested. The results showed that water-reducer could improve the plastic cracking resistance of concrete significantly, and the effectiveness of polycarboxylate water reducer were o better than that of wood calcium and naphthalene water reducer.



Edited by:

Yongbo Shao, Shuguang Hao, Yuping Luo, Jibo Xing and Zhiyong Liu




H. G. Qin et al., "The Effects of Water-Reducer on Early-Age Plastic Shrinkage of Concrete", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 174-177, pp. 1113-1118, 2012

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May 2012




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