Experimental Study of Compression for Multi-Scale Polypropylene Fiber Concrete


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Through compression tests on 30 plain concrete and polypropylene fiber concrete specimens with the dimensions of 100mm × 100mm × 100mm , studied the influence of the different scales of polypropylene fiber and hybrid fiber on concrete compressive strength and compressive deformation. The results showed that: the compressive strength of concrete for single-doped fiber has little effect to improve concrete compressive strength, some even get lower,but mixing-doped coarse-fine fiber had increased 6.2%~13.7%. Doped-fiber can improve the concrete compressive toughness, it's enhancement sort: mixing-doped coarse-fine fiber concrete > single-doped coarse fiber concrete > single-doped fine fiber concrete> plain concrete



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Yongbo Shao, Shuguang Hao, Yuping Luo, Jibo Xing and Zhiyong Liu




N. H. Liang et al., "Experimental Study of Compression for Multi-Scale Polypropylene Fiber Concrete", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 174-177, pp. 1584-1588, 2012

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May 2012




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