Mobile Information System for Sustainable Project Management


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The construction industry is an information-based industry, the progression of which requires the most effective and efficient tools in management, more specifically in managing the information flow between project team members. These tools become essential to a project management team dealing with the complexity and changing needs in the construction industries. Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), especially mobile phones, offer an alternative way to overcome the limitation on effective collaboration in construction projects. A review of previous research, case studies and also technology reports shows how mobile information technology has the potential to provide improvements in construction communication and information collaboration. This paper discusses the implications of mobile information systems in sustainable project management. The findings show that there is a high potential for improving sustainability projects, the effects on construction resources and the potential impact of improving sustainable project management in construction industries.



Edited by:

Mingjin Chu, Huizhong Xu, Zhilin Jia, Yun Fan and Jiangping Xu






M. S. Fathi et al., "Mobile Information System for Sustainable Project Management", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 178-181, pp. 2690-2693, 2012

Online since:

May 2012




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