Study on Filter Algorithm of QoS-Based Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Web Service Composition


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In this paper, an in-depth research has been done on the physical meaning and value features of the QoS attribute values under the definition of the functional attributes and non-functional attributes of Web services, giving the computation formulae and matching method expressing QoS composition as interval numbers, providing a more comprehensive and objective information matrix for fuzzy multi-attribute decision making. For multi-attributes fuzzy decision-making matrix with weight information known and the preference information of composition solution given in the form of interval numbers, calculating the overall attribute values, and sorting solutions by using the formula of probability degree, a QoS-driven multi-level composition Web Service selection algorithm is proposed, and simulation runs indicate the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm.



Edited by:

Huang Xianghong, Huang Xinyou, Mao Hongkui and Yin Zhixi




X. R. Fang, "Study on Filter Algorithm of QoS-Based Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Web Service Composition", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 182-183, pp. 2131-2135, 2012

Online since:

June 2012





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