The Study of Dynamic Stiffness for IC Chip Die with Parallel Mechanism


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Abstract. The vibrating equation and the moving stiffness model are created for the Parallel Bonding Mechanism of the IC Chip Die designed. Its moving stiffness characteristic curves in whole working space are obtained though Matlab software and analyzed in this paper. Based on these characteristic curves, it proves that the moving stiffness of the Parallel Bonding Mechanism designed meets the working requirements of IC Chip Die.



Edited by:

Wen-Pei Sung, Jimmy (C.M.) Kao and Ran Chen




W. D. Peng and Z. W. Wu, "The Study of Dynamic Stiffness for IC Chip Die with Parallel Mechanism", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 184-185, pp. 1643-1646, 2012

Online since:

June 2012




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