Effect of Drying Methods on Physical Property of the Ultrafine CeO2 Powder


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The ultrafine CeO2 powder was prepared using NH4HCO3 as precipitation agent. The effects of six drying methods, such as room-temperature drying、common oven drying、microwave drying、organic solvent displacement drying、freeze drying、vacuum drying, on hard agglomerates and physical property of CeO2 were studied. The results showed that freeze drying is more effective to prevent the ultrafine CeO2 powder from hard agglomerates. The ultrafine CeO2 powder with small mean particle size and uniform distribution and large specific surface area,was obtained by freeze method.



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Xiancan Deng and Yoshinori Hayafuji




Y. H. Hu et al., "Effect of Drying Methods on Physical Property of the Ultrafine CeO2 Powder", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 189, pp. 92-96, 2012

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July 2012




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