Attitude Matching for Gimbaled Inertial Navigation System Transfer Alignment


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Abstract: Aiming at transfer alignment of gimbaled INS(Inertial Navigation Systems) on moving base, the paper proposes an attitude matching alignment model to calibrate the slave platform. This method is achieved by applying a Kalman filter, which based on the frame angle error equations, to estimate the fixed misalignment angle and obtain the misalignment angle. Firstly, the frame dynamics equations are introduced and the relation between the fixed angle and misalignment angle is discussed. Secondly, the frame angular error differential equations are built up via the frame angle information from the master and the slave INS platform. Lastly, the attitude matching alignment model is designed based on Kalman filter technology. The simulation results show that the proposed method can obtain an alignment accuracy of 40", and the corresponding alignment time is 30 seconds.



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Yonghong Tan




Z. J. Ding et al., "Attitude Matching for Gimbaled Inertial Navigation System Transfer Alignment", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 190-191, pp. 768-773, 2012

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July 2012




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